Steve Rusch is an experienced software contractor in the Chicago land area serving large IBM mainframe shops using COBOL DB2 CICS IDMS VSAM JCL zOS.

  "You want DB2?  I got DB2... You need CICS?  I live for CICS.  You got to have COBOL?  I have excellent COBOL.  You have to have MVS?  They call me Mr. MVS.  You want someone that wrote the IBM compiler and was the lead on the new Pentium Chip and aided in the design of the Hubble Telescope... ummm... just call me when you want some DB2, CICS, COBOL, MVS."
                                                                     - Steve Rusch

  "If you want a fancy website your looking in the wrong place... but if you want someone who can bring excellent technical software skills to your mainframe site, well then... pleased to meet you"
                                                                     - Steve Rusch

  People say "I see that you have wonderful technical skills, but Steve... have you Managed?"  I say "Yea... I've Managed... I've managed to thrive in what is now one of the most competitive professional fields after the fallout of the millennium hype.  Yea... I guess I've managed."
                                                                     - Steve Rusch

  "Why are you in this profession?" they ask.  "I am not really sure... If you think it's because of the pay, think again... If you think there are delightful projects of expanding technologies, been there done that... If you think I can live long enough to catch the year 3000 craze, just take a look at my cholesterol... I guess it is because I have been in technology my whole life and that is who I am.  I like what I do, and I can not imagine doing anything else.  The next time you look at me and say, Hey Steve, thanks for solving that problem... I'll say... that's why I'm in this profession."
                                                                     - Steve Rusch

TekChek Test Score Last Tested
COBOL II 100% Dec 2001
DB2 94% Dec 2001

I am available to stop in and take a TekChek test at your facility on any of the skills you find on my resume.

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My resume was last updated... 04/26/2002
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Current status Last 23 months have been contracting for current client.
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A note about these tough times:

As we all know these are tough times for both Agents and Contractors.  These days I hear of Clients opening positions for only HOURS before they close them because they receive too many resumes within that timeframe.  I also hear about restrictions on the Agents in that Agents are now only allowed to present one or two resumes and if those don't cut it your out of luck.  That is why it is even more important for Agents to get someone who has the skills on paper as well as the ability to connect with the Client in an interview.  Of course you guessed it, I am that person.  So send me an email.  

What I am about to say next is very straight forward but let's face it, these times are not for the timid... agree?  So take a look at my resume and ask yourself this one question: Can I afford to be the one competing against this guy by allowing another Agent to present him for the same spot as my candidate?  I'll talk to you soon.

Steve Rusch

Last updated 07/12/2003

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